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Let me introduce myself, my name is Nathalie.

I’m married with two children and I live in Saint-Hubert on the south shore of montreal. In addition to breeding, is my passion, the well-being of dogs concerns me. That’s why I quit my job in 2013 to jointly open a dog and feline center. La Niche hotel spa gym. La Niche is a luxury center with all the services related to dogs and cats, boarding, daycare, grooming, shop, education and expert advice on food.

My passion for miniature poodles began in 2001. My daughter is allergic to dogs, so I had to choose a dog with a woolly coat: A POODLE ... What a joy ever since! My first poodle, Charlie, was a nice little brown toy-size poodle. My love for that breed was instantaneous. Unfortunately, he died hit by a car. Despite the fact that I have a big family, I felt a certain emptiness in my life after my loss. The idea of breeding did not come to me immediately. I just wanted a poodle to love again. Thus, Lulu came to us. It was my husband that brought up the idea of breeding. Wow! What an idea ...

So, I became a professional breeder of miniature and toy poodles.

In 2010, I decided to take a new path in my career and specialize in very small poodles such as the teacup and tiny-toy, they go around 3 to 5 pounds.

By specializing myself, I chose to breed only small poodles between them. This improves the gene bank and contributes to a continuous evolution towards the desired, ideal size. It also provides everyone with a real healthy poodle. Not just the smallest of a litter.

My dogs have a special place in my life. I am a member of the Canadian Kennel Club and respect their values and code of professional ethics. My breeders are carefully chosen and I pay attention to the behavior and personality of the animal, as it is hereditary. The environment of the mother and her puppies is very important for their socialization and development in the human and animal world. Mine live in the house like true members of the family, resulting in good loving and easy to train dogs. Good breeding practice produces healthy dogs on both cognitive and physical aspects. You don't become a breeder without having some knowledge!

My goal is to continue to evolve in the canine world in order to live up to expectations. It is important to provide a dog with a good behavior, but also an healthy one. Health may differ from one dog to another, but in a world where genetics plays an important role, as a member of the CKC, I am very serious when it comes to the quality of my dogs.

That is why my breeding dogs are selected without any genetic problems, but with a perfect health. A1 eyes, kneecaps 0 and they have their genetics available with the DNA test. A routine vet care and vaccines are made each year.

A puppy can be recognized by its quality breeding. And as a new buyer, benefit from the care, love and affection that enjoys every of our litters, by getting yourself a puppy from a reputable member of the Canadian Kennel Club.

My poodles are like my babies, I take care and smother them with love. They are groomed, bathed, dressed, walked, pampered and cuddled .... They are spoiled rotten!

My dogs and puppies are fed with food of choice. I am now a canine nutrition expert advice therefore, you will get wise advice during your purchase.

All our puppies are sold already spoiled!

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